Who To Watch: 2019

Yes, yes I’m a bit late, you don’t have to remind me; however, just because it’s April (yikes) doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on an opportunity to let you all know who I think is going to grab your attention this year.

Now, not to toot my own horn, buuuuuut I’ve been pretty accurate with these lists if I do say so myself. In my Who to Watch: 2018, I included Billie Eilish, Joji, Brockhampton and Kali Uchis. I’m not saying I’m psychic but tell me you haven’t heard at least one song by any of these artists, you can’t, because then you would be lying.

Credit: akam1k3

boy pabloWith a 90’s family friendly sitcom look and an early 2010’s indie rock sound, boy pablo are a group that are currently rising in popularity within the indie scene and they deserve to. When I first heard their EP, Roy Pablo, I was instantly reminded of the sound of Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album, Tourist History. Trust me, that’s a good thing. boy pablo later rebased the album, Soy Pablo, in 2018. I like to describe it was a mix of both Last Dinosaurs and Two Door Cinema Club, yet boy pablo is still able to create their own distinct sound. They’re slowly becoming one of my favorite bands, and they should be yours too.

Credit: Luke Gilford

Lizzo I actually first heard Lizzo about two or three years ago when she released the song, “Let Em Say“, a collaboration with the artists Caroline Smith. However, the last couple of months have been great for Lizzo and I couldn’t be happier for her. With releasing hits such as “Truth Hurts” which features one of my favorite lyrics, “Why men great till they got to be great”, “Juice”, a great way to to bring in the new year, and “Cuz I Love You”, a song that has what is possibly one of the best openings I’ve ever heard. She’s got a powerful voice and a powerful attitude to match it. She’s about to embark on a sold out tour and she’s definitely someone to keep an eye out for.  Also stream her debut album, “Cuz I Love You“, out now!

Doja Cat
Credit: Lexie Moreland

Doja Cat – Yes, you may know her from that meme, or even her newest single, Tia Tamera ft. Rico Nasty, but Doja Cat is an artist that I think is going to be catching a lot of attention this year due to the nature of her songwriting. While she’s garnered a lot of attention after her comical single, “Moo” went viral, a quick listen to her debut album, Amala, show’s how talented Doja Cat truly is. She’s been working steadily since her EP, Purr, that she released in 2014; and from what I’ve been hearing, she’s only getting better as an artist.

Credit: Abraham Recio

Cuco – Having already been had music featured in The New York Times, giving a lyric break down for Genius and being featured on NPR, Cuco is soon a force to be reckoned with. With music that sounds like a sunset drive at six p.m. Cuco has been one of my favorites since I heard his song, “Lover is a Day” back in 2017. This isn’t a humble brag, or some type of pseudo gatekeeping, but more of a reference point to when I started listening so I can discuss his growth as a musician in the most authentic way as a possible. The second single I remember hearing from him was, “Summer Time High Time” and then, “Lo Que Siento”; all three songs sound quite different but still stay true to his branding. He’s already released two albums, and I’m highly anticipating the third.

Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Wallows – Having released what I’ve already considered one of my favorite albums of 2019, Wallows is a band that should be on everyone’s radar. Wallows consists of Braeden Leasters, Cole Preston and Dylan Minnette; and yes those are probably some familiar faces. I first heard of Wallows through their single, “These Days“, and if you haven’t heard, I strongly recommend you change that. Remember that era of music where all indie rock sounded like indie coming of age movies where there’s an extended scene where they drive to the beach? Yeah, that’s Wallows. Having already been featured by MTV Music, Billboard and performing at South by Southwest, Wallows is definitely a band you should have on your radar.

So what do you think? Have you already heard of some, none or all of these artists? If you’ve heard of all of these already we might have a spot for you on our writing team because you clearly have a superior taste in music. Please sure to let me know what you think of this list and/or the music from the artists. Tell em we sent you!

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