Who To Watch: 2018

At the beginning of last year, I told you Who To Watch for 2017, and I listed acts such as Oh Wonder, LANY, Dua Lipa, Jon Bellion and many more that have made quite a name for themselves within the past year. This year, I’ve provided you with five artists that I think you need to watch for in 2018.


Photo by Lloyd Pursall

Billie Eilish – Honestly if you haven’t heard her name already, then what are you doing? With singles such as COPYCAT, Ocean Eyes and idontwannabeyouanymore, Billie Eilish is an up and coming artist with a vast range of musicality and has the aesthetic to match. Though she may only be 16, she’s already collaborated with Vince Staples, is about to embark on a sold out world tour, and is set to perform at festivals such as Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Bonnaroo,  and The Governor’s Ball. Listen to her, you won’t regret it.


Photo by Charlie Forgham Bailey

RAT BOY – While the name may be a little less than complimentary, I can guarantee you that the sound of RAT BOY, also known as Jordan Cardy, is great. I first heard RAT BOY on my Discover Weekly on Spotify and I was instantly drawn to the sound. The music is fun, it’s upbeat and can’t help but make you think of a British coming-of-age film. Having been sampled by Kendrick Lamar, been considered “Best New Artist” by NME and is now set to support  Liam Gallagher on his upcoming tour, RAT BOY has nowhere to go but up.


Photo by Joji

Joji – Though he was first brought to the public eye as his persona(s), Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, Joji has done an amazing job of separating himself from the brand that was Filthy Frank. Continuing off the success of his single, “i don’t wanna waste my time”, he released an EP late last year entitled, “Tongues” that showcased just how talented he is as an artist. He’s got a beautiful, but unique voice that is backed by music that really showcases his artistry, as well as versatility. Give him a listen, you’ll like what you hear.


Photo by Ashlan Grey

Brockhampton – If you don’t know who Brockhampton is, you will by the end of this year. This group released not only one, not only two, but three albums within the last year alone. Brockhampton is a group that has found a way to combine soulful layering with catching musicality and have been drawing eyes and ears since the release of their first album Saturation. This is a group that’s dominating the festival circuit, not only on the line up of Coachella,  but also Boston Calling and  Governor’s Ball. They’re also about to embark on their mostly sold out tour, ” Love Your Parents” tour, so grab your tickets while you can, you don’t want to miss these guys.


Photo by Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis – With a beautiful voice and aesthetic to match, Kali Uchis will be a name you’ll definitely know by the end of the year. Having already worked with artists such as Tyler, the Creator, Daniel Caesar, Steve Lacy and The Gorillaz, Kali Uchis has been able to show not only a vast range of style, but also musicality. She’s also been able to appeal to the Latin community with singles such as Tirano and Nuestro Planeta. She embarked on a headlining tour late last year and now she’s set to support Lana Del Rey on her “Lust for Life” your. I personally can’t wait to see where she goes from here.


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