Local Love: Solomon

 This week on ThisIsHowYouMusic, I’m happy to introduce the second installation of our series, “Local Love”, highlighting the work of Solomon. I was able to speak with him personally to get to know more about him.
While most may know you as Broderick, I have to ask, why Solomon as your stage name?
The name Solomon actually was chosen simply because that’s one of my middle names. I hold that middle name close to heart because, of course, it originated from Solomon the wise king heir of David.
I guess that brings me to my next question, who is Solomon? What is your brand, what makes you stand out?
Solomon is a representation of myself, a simple musical “attaché” who desires to provide good content quality art to the music industry. My brand is authenticity, embracement of one’s true self, and the dispersion of acceptance and positivity. My sounds involved in my music is one thing I would definitely say makes me “stand out”.
When did you know you wanted to get into performing, and have you always wanted to do neo soul? 
I always wanted to perform. Ever since I was a youngin, I’ve been always trying to be the center of attention. It’s funny though, cause when I get it, I get shy and nervous. Neo-Soul is just one of the musical avenues I decided to follow because I loved bringing that contemporary RnB feel to my music.
Who would you say are some of your inspirations?
Some of my direct inspirations would be my boy Zer0speaks (big shout out to him) because he got me into music, also Right Brain (shout out) because he got me into producing, Kanye West because he just works with the voice in so many different ways to create beauty in music, Kid Cudi because he influenced the game a lot and the power of good vocals and transferable energy, and Pharrell Williams because of his impact on the music game in general and his consistency yet diversification in his music.
Photo by zer0speaks
One thing I would like to touch on is the event you held earlier this year. You held something entitled, the High Note music competition. What was that exactly, and what inspired you to create it?
High Note (shoutout to Alex S. and Royland L. on that). Yes, High Note was a music competition I helped organize and operate, it was a philanthropic way (winner of the competition gets to donate $1,005.00 to their selected charity) to recognize the talent we have in the university system.
There doesn’t seem to be encouragement for the talented singer-songwriters to pursue their dreams and fulfill potential, while also pursuing a continued education.
It’s difficult and Royland, Alex, and I wanted to innovate the way of how we encourage recognizing local artists in a crowd-drawing way of making it into a competition. I can’t speak for the creator (Royland), but as Co-Creator I was inspired to reach out to the community and also showcase the beautiful talent that might continue that residual in encouraging others to pursue music.
High Note can be found on Facebook and at  www.finallynoticed.com
You can find more of Solomon at the links below:
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