An Interview with Jenna Holiday

Earlier this year, I came across a song on Spotify entitled “21” and it was written by an artist by the name of Jenna Holiday. For today’s blog post, I decided to reach out to Jenna herself and ask her more about her upcoming music and what our readers can expect from her. Enjoy!

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Hello! Do you think you could tell our readers a little bit about yourself? 

Hi! My name is Jenna Holiday. I’m a 16 year old singer and songwriter from the Boston area and best known for my debut single “21”!

Wow, only 16 and already so much talent!  How long have you been interested in writing and performing music?

I’ve been writing pretty much for as long as I could hold a pencil or navigate a keyboard, although it wasn’t until last year that I decided to release any material. Since then I’ve been writing absolutely none stop while balancing school and music programs when I can fit them in!

This summer, I attended the Grammy Recording Academy’s summer camp held on the USC campus in LA and it was absolutely insane. I met so many incredible musicians and fell in love with LA even more, if possible.

What could current and future listeners expect from this album? 

My debut album, which I’ve been working relentlessly on for the past year or so, shows the narrative of an original character. You may already be familiar with  said character from “21”, which like the rest of the album, is from his perspective. The album will tell you his backstory and detail his rise to fame and his inevitable fall, all resolving with “21” as the last track.

The music you’ll be hearing from me in the (not so distant) future mirrors the theatrics of Lorde and Allie X, and captures the dynamics of Thomston and Melanie Martinez. I consider myself to be what only can be best described as a concept artist. I approach my craft like that of a storyteller, and see myself as more of the author of a story told through my music, rather than being the face of it all.

So it sounds like we should be expecting this album soon.

As of now, my debut album is completely written and in the production process, although that hasn’t stopped me from continuing writing! I’ve been working even further into the future, bringing on board one of my best friends and cowriter Emma Cobalt to help create the storylines and music of future albums.

What is something you hope to convey to those that listen to your debut  album?

I hope to redefine the way people think of concept albums and musical storytelling, and I’ll be telling you a wild and twisting tale featuring a handful of original characters all littered throughout my music. I’m so so insanely excited to bring this vision to life through music, visuals, videos, and by any means possible! My next single will be out in the very near future, and I’m beyond excited for everything to come!

You can find Jenna at her social media links below: 

Twitter: @jennaholiday

Facebook: Jenna Holiday

Instagram: jennaholiday

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