Misterwives Is Not Part of Your Machine

Late last week, Misterwives released their long awaited sophomore album “Connect the Dots” and I believe that it was well worth the wait. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Misterwives, seeing how they’ve been talked about many times on this blog and I simply couldn’t wait to do a track by track review this album. Let’s get started.

MachineI don’t think they could have picked a better song that start off the second album. Current political circumstances make this song even more impacting with lyrics such as “Maybe I’m a dying breed, but I believe in individuality.” Machine is a song that not only wants to make you want to get up and dance, but also make a change, and not conform to less than ideal societal standards.

Chasing ThisThe first time I heard this song, I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. It’s a song that rings true to the style Misterwives have and why one falls in love with their unique sound. It’s a cute, upbeat sound with lyrics that details the life of following your heart, no matter who tries to discourage you as time goes on.

Only HumanIt’s as if Jason Mraz joined Misterwives in this song. It’s got a sweet mellow sound that reminds us all of something that we shouldn’t forget, ” Oh, we’re human, only human, like a moth to a flame, we can’t resist love’s game.” It’s a style we didn’t hear very much of on their debut album “Our Own House” but it’s one that I like very much.

Drummer Boy: One thing I was looking forward to with this album was a love song.  After hearing Oceans from their first album, I was excited to see what we were going to get on this album, and I personally was overjoyed with the track. It’s a sweet song that allows us to see a bit more into the personal life of lead singer Mandy Lee and drummer, Etienne Bowler and how much love Mandy has for Etienne.

RevolutionMuch like Machine, this is a song that has the intent of wanting to inspire listeners to get up and make a change, but with a somewhat darker tone. You can hear the drive, determination and power behind the instrumentation, vocals and lyrics of this song. With lyrics such as, “Laying in bed, trying to empty my head all these acts of violence ripping this world to shreds while I’m trying to sleep, oh how could I sleep?”  it’s definitely one of the more powerful songs on the album.

My Brother: This song is so indescribably beautiful. A song that shows the beauty of support, and watching someone struggle but sticking by them to the end, and truly wanting the best for them. The chorus, “Oh my brother it pains me to see you here again. Oh my brother, I’ll take this road with you until the end.” Shows a vulnerable side delivered beautifully, slightly reminiscent of their earlier released song Lullaby.

Out Of Tune PianoI’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Misterwives is a band that radiates positivity and promotes self love time after time and that’s proven again with this song. With a chorus that says, “Love yourself my dear, la la la love yourself my dear
Go on and, love yourself my dear, la la la love yourself my dear, do I make myself clear?” You can see how much this band respects the idea of confidence and the idea of loving yourself.

Coloring Outside the LinesI actually feel like this is the one song on the album that sounds the most like their debut album “Our Own House” and I love it. It’s a song that’s about embracing life, loving someone, and don’t conform to society’s standards. True Misterwives fashion.

Band CampBand Camp might actually be might favorite track of this album. Though it may be the shortest track, I think the instrumentation, vocal stylings, and the lyrics in compilation with one another makes it a memorable track for me. While it sounds like a track Misterwives would produce, the somewhat minor overtones that are on this song make it a new sound from Misterwives that I absolutely love.

Oh Love: Oh Love was the second single released from Connect the Dots and this is a song that showcases just how powerful Mandy’s voice, as well as her lyrics can be conveyed to listeners. It has a great rock and roll feel to it, and I can’t wait to hear it live once again on their upcoming tour.

Let The Light LineThe longest, and last track on the album is a song that builds upon itself and is just over 5 minutes of encouraging and beautiful words. Misterwives is a band that I always associate with optimism, and have ever since I stumbled upon their Reflections EP in 2014, and this song encompasses how positive and how much music can provide an uplifting feeling.

Misterwives’ sophomore album was eagerly  awaited by most fans, and I believe it’s safe to say the album was well worth the wait. Though the instrumentation of this album is different of that of their debut album “Our Own House”, the variety, complexity and overall creativity this album has goes to show that Misterwives is a unique and talented act in the industry and whatever they produce will stay true to their brand.

Be sure to watch them other upcoming tour with Vinyl Theatre and Smallpools this fall, and buy your tickets here.

Song Recommendation of the Week: Band Camp by Misterwives

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