10 Artists You Should Already Be Listening To

With the year having only about two months left, I figured now would be a great time to tell all of you about some bands that I think will become a big hit in 2017, and some that are more established and deserve even more recognition that they already have. I’ve also taken the liberty to link every artist to their Spotify page, and give three songs that I think are a great way to be introduced to the band. Let’s get started shall we?

1. Last Dinosaurs: Last Dinosaurs are an indie rock band based out of Brisbane, Queensland and have been making music ever since of 2009. This is a band that I find pretty well established, but I still think they deserve even more praise for their work, seeing as their first album In A Million Years was pretty much a masterpiece. It’s hard for me to find a band that makes me love every song on their album, but this band was able to do it. With their first album debuting at number 8 on the Australian Albums Charts, trust me when I say their a band worth listening to.

2. AlpineThis is a band that makes you feel as if you’re in a constant euphoric state. Based out of Melbourne since 2009, Alpine has been providing dreamy sounds that take you on an adventure with every note that’s played or sang. With a unique vocalization, this band as the power to put you at ease, especially with the whimsical backing of the instrumentation. After being nominated for Best Breakthrough Artist at the ARIA awards, Alpine has been catching everyone’s eye and they should be catching yours as well.

3. Cub SportOriginally known as Cub Scouts, Cub Sport are an indie pop band based out of Brisbane and they’re honestly just such a delight to listen to. After forming in 2011, they’ve provided nothing but great music since. Their first debut album, This Is Our Vice, featuring their hit single Come On Mess Me Up, debuted at number 9 on the on the Australian Independent Charts, and they eventually went on to open for The 1975 on the Australian leg of their last tour. Now the wait begins for them to come to the South East

4. San CiscoBased out of Fremantle, and originally known as King George, San Cisco is a band that caught the attention of many people after releasing their music video for their single Awkward. San Cisco is a band that’s not only memorable, but enticing. With the lead singer having a voice that I’ve yet to hear from others, I find myself drawn to this band and I have been for years. I’m not the only impressed by this band though; in 2013, the band was nominated for not just one, not two, but three ARIA awards. And that was all just for their debut album. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

5. Day Wave : One of my favorite acts at Shaky Knees this year, Day Wave is a band that formed in Oakland and is actually quite new to the scene, but I know that they’re about to make a break into the indie world because they’re just that good. After releasing their first EP, Headcase, the band received attention from prominent publications including the Los Angeles Times and Billboard, and that was just for their EP. I can’t wait to see what a full album brings .

6. Public: Public is a three piece band that is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and they’re quickly working their way into my heart and the heart of others. Having opened for bands like Walk the Moon, Neon Trees and one of 2016’s biggest names in music, twenty one pilots, this band is on the track to being huge. Being reminiscent of bands such as Walk the Moon and Vampire Weekend, I can easily see this band going the same route and becoming a big name within the next year. 

7. Great Good Fine OkGreat Good Fine Ok is, what I think, one of the most underrated bands on this list. Based out of New York City, Great Good Fine Ok, are a synthpop duo that gained attention after their song You’re The One For Me received overwhelming positive feedback online. Ever since then, they’ve grabbed the attention of other acclaimed artists such as St. Lucia, and The Chainsmokers. After releasing their independently released single Take It Or Leave It, a song that garnered over 1 million Spotify plays within the first month, I’m excited to see what this band brings next.

8.  The Jungle Giants: The Jungle Giants are yet another band based out of Brisbane because it seems that so much great music comes from Australia. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but I love it and it needs to continue. The Jungle Giants released their first album Learn To Exist in 2013, featuring what is maybe the cutest love song ever, She’s A Riot, and grabbing the attention of the Australian public, ranking higher than Two Door Cinema Club on The Triple J Hottest 100. They’re a band that’s been described of having a likeness to Two Door Cinema Club and Last Dinosaurs and now can you see why I love them?

9. CRUISRI’ve been following this band for about two or three years now and seeing their growth has been heartwarming. Based out of Philadelphia, now a three piece band, CRUISR has been in good company. Supporting acts such as The 1975, Misterwives, and Imagine Dragons, CRUISR has done a great job grabbing the attention of indie music lovers everywhere. Now, about to hit the road  with Against the Current, I can’t wait to see what this band brings next.

10. COIN: If you’ve read my post about what songs can make your day oh so much better, you would know how much I adore the sounds of COIN. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, COIN are an indie rock band that have been doing everything right. Opening for acts such as Neon Trees, Bad Suns and will soon be opening for The 1975 at select dates, COIN are a force to be reckoned with, and have even caught the attention of publications such a Billboard. COIN is about to be huge, and I promise it.

Well that’s all I got for you guys this week, but it should be more than enough. Please comment other artists you enjoy and I’ll be happy to give them a listen.

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Song Recommendation of the Week: She’s A Riot by The Jungle Giants

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