LANY is “Kinda” a Big Deal

If you read my blog post about what shows to attend this fall, a great read if I do say so myself, you would know that one of the bands I listed was a great little band called LANY. Last Saturday, I was able to attend the Atlanta date of the Kinda tour and might I say, this band is quite an amazing sight when they perform live.

For those who don’t know who LANY is; they’re a three piece indie pop band from Los Angeles and they’ve been around for about 2 years now, and they’re quickly  making a name for themselves. After their song, ILYSB brought the band massive attention ,they were soon on the road supporting acts such as Oh Wonder, Halsey, X Ambassadors and Troye Sivan. I’ve actually had the opportunity to watch LANY perform live before this past Saturday, but I’m here to talk about that night, aren’t I? Let’s get started shall we?

The night opened with a memorable performance by  a band named Transviolet and they’re a group that I am definitely going to be seeing the next time they come to the southeast. Thought I didn’t know any of their music previous to the show, I still found myself mirroring the energy they were displaying on the stage. With unique vocalizations and powerful energy that’s just entertaining to watch, they’re a powerhouse that’s quickly going to be making a name for themselves and grabbing the attention of anyone who enjoys indie music.

Now, onto the headliner, LANY. I had been able to see LANY twice before this show, once at Shaky Knees this past year, and when they opened for Oh Wonder on their first North American tour, but I was excited to be able to finally hear a full set list from them. With a show that started out with an interesting homage to the late Whitney Houston, you knew the show was going to be a memorable one.

The set started out with 4EVER!, which I think is a great beginning to a great show. The set then continued with songs such as WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS (I’m not kidding, that’s what it’s called),  like you lots, Made in Hollywood (my personal favorite) and of course ILYSB.  LANY is the type of band that sounds almost better live than they do in the studio and the amount of fans that sang along really enforced a sense of community you don’t always get at concerts. With LANY being the dream pop band that they are, it was a nice to concert for easy listening and just great overall.

A set of amazing music, great crowd energy all accompanied with memorable backdrops, eye catching lights and a GIF that continuously showed Angelina Jolie, the Kinda tour is one you don’t want to miss and one you should attend if it’s coming to a date near you.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you all this week, but I’ll be sure to see you all next week. If you’d like an idea of what LANY’s music is or what there set list entails, I’ve provided a link below to a Spotify playlist I’ve made.

Song Recommendation: Made in Hollywood by LANY


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