Two Door Cinema Club: North American Tour

I’m typing through my tears as I write this due to the fact that I have finally seen my favorite band of all time live. That’s right, last night I was able to see a band that has changed my life for the better and was the catalyst for my love of indie pop/ indie rock music, Two Door Cinema Club.

For those of you who don’t know, Two Door Cinema Club are an Irish indie rock band that formed in 2007 and consists of three members, Alex Trimble (vocals, rhythm guitar, beats, synths), Sam Halliday (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Kevin Baird (bass, synths, backing vocals). The band broke through to mainstream following the release of their debut album, Tourist History, featuring hit singles such as “Something Good Can Work”, “Undercover Martyn” and ” What You Know”. The release of Tourist History and second album Beacon generated a big following for the band.

Having not toured in the United States for almost three years, the band was met with mostly positive response when they announced a North American tour, there were those who were mad their city weren’t any of the dates listed but we’re here to talk about my show aren’t we?. Let’s get started shall we?

The night opened with an amazing live performance from Jack Garratt, an act that I recommend every listen to because he’s just that good. He’s a solo artist that exhibited so much talent I was instantly in love with him. He opened his set with a song entitled “Coalesce” and I was immediately hooked. He’s someone that I will definitely be seeing again when he comes back to Atlanta.

Now, onto the headliner, Two Door Cinema Club. Having seen literally dozens of videos of them performing live, and even having bought their live versions of songs off their album, I was more than excited to hear their opener, “Cigarettes in the Theatre” and oh my goodness it did not disappoint. Though the intro was extended, it was well worth the wait to finally hear that familiar guitar part that I’ve heard so many times. From hearing “Something Good To Work” to hearing ” Eat That Up, It’s Good For You”, I felt nothing but happiness mixed with nostalgia.

The set list was filled with songs that sparked feelings of nostalgia for long time listeners, and songs that had everyone moving because Two Door Cinema Club was able to convey amazing energy that has yet to be paralleled by any act I’ve seen thus far. The band also provided the concert attendees with yet to be released songs from their upcoming album Gameshow, set to come out October 14th. Make sure to pick yourself up a copy, it’s sure to be a good one.

Two Door Cinema Club is one of the best live bands I’ve ever had the pleasure seeing and it’s a show that I believe everyone should attend. I’m serious, this is a band that gives you a feeling of happiness, liveliness, excitement and enjoyment and I promise I’m not just saying this because they’re my favorite band, my friends said this too. I’d love to continue to explain how I felt watching this band, but for me, seeing my favorite band live is almost indescribable.

Well, that’s what I’ve got for you all this week, but I’ll be back soon. I’m attending two more concerts at the end of this week so be on the look out for posts about those next week. If you want to keep up with updates, feel free to follow me on my social media handles:

twitter: AjaMiller6

instagram: musicmusketeer3

See you all next week.

Song Recommendation of the Week: Cigarettes in the Theatre by Two Door Cinema Club


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