The Griswolds Know How to Be Impressive

If you know who the Griswolds are, you’ll appreciate the pun that I’ve put in title of this post. If you don’t know who they are, you need to get it together because they’re quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine and making a name for themselves with indie rock fans.

The Griswolds, named after the fictional family from National Lampoon’s Vacation,  are a four piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia that was formed in 2012 and have been making energetic and amazing music ever since. They released their debut album Be Impressive in 2014 and it was easily one of my favorite albums of 2014. I’ve recently revisited it, and I was reminded of just how exquisite this album is.

To quote the bio on their band page, “Be Impressive isn’t just an indie-rock record you can dance to; it’s a record that’ll break and mend your heart, have you dancing with joy. It’s the hedonistic island paradise that’s an escape from all of your worries… before it becomes obvious it’s better to confront them than to run away.”

The first song I heard by The Griswolds, 16 years, does exactly what the quote above says this album does and that’s when I knew I was going to like this band. I was in my freshman year of college when Be Impressive was released and it just the right album I needed at the time. An album that’s conveying the idea that you must embrace what life gives you whether it’s good or bad and make the best of it. It’s an album that everyone should have on their phone, iPod, iPad, or simply anything that plays music. It’s available on digital, CD and Vinyl.

Another reason why The Griswolds are impressive (get it now?), are because of the amazing live performances they give every single night they are on tour. They were recently on tour with Panama Wedding and Magic Man, a beautiful line up honestly, and from what I’ve heard, delivered a great show at every date on the Hotline Spring tour. Yes, it is an amazing tour name.

I’m a massive fan of all three bands and I knew I was going to get a ticket for the Atlanta date no matter what, because they’re all just that good. I asked my friend if she wanted to go with me, she listened to all the bands that were performing and the next day she said she’d love to go, that’s how good these acts are.

I had decided to watch live videos of The Griswolds and Magic Man, making sure that I wasn’t going to be disappointed in the live show. I can happily say that they not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. I was so excited to see them because they’re able to convey that same amount of energy that’s in their music in their live show. Unfortunately, something came up and I was unable to go see them on the Hotline Spring tour. Though I was downtrodden about the circumstance, I just saw it as another reason for why I had to see them the next time they go on tour.

Not only are their live shows phenomenal, but so are the guys in the band. They’re all so great with interacting with fans and when it comes to this industry, that’s just as important as the music you make. Building a good relationship with your fan base is something so critical in the music industry that not every band does, but The Griswolds not only do it, they do it well.

In summary, if you’re ever presented with the option of seeing The Griswolds or get the chance to listen to Be Impressive, do it. Don’t second guess yourself, just go ahead and do it. Below, I linked their album through Spotify so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already be listening to it.

Be sure to tell me what you think of it in the comments and I’ll see you all next week!

Song of the Week: 16 Years by The Griswolds


One thought on “The Griswolds Know How to Be Impressive

  1. I’ve be less than vigilant in my reading of these past few posts, and I apologize for that. I love the blog. Always a good read. I don’t listen to indie music, but I’m learning so much about it. Who knows, one day I might be a fan.


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