Why You Should Already Be Listening To Vinyl Theatre 

Today’s post is about one of my favorite bands to date, and that band is Vinyl Theatre. Vinyl Theatre is an indie rock band that was founded by lead singer, Keegan Calmes and keyboardist, Chris Senner, and were later joined by drummer Nick Cesarz and now former bassist, Josh Pothier.

I first came across Vinyl Theatre when I was looking at the line up for twenty one pilots “quiet is violent” world tour and I noticed they were listed as an opening act, along with Misterwives. Now, I was already a big fan of twenty one pilots and Misterwives, so I figured I should listen to this band to see if they matched the caliber of the rest of the line up. They did not disappoint! I found them on Spotify and I listened to their album, Electrogram, in one sitting.

Electrogram, the band’s debut album, is a collection of wonderful melodies, catchy beats, and meaningful lyrics that all work so perfectly together.To those who are not familiar with Vinyl Theatre’s work, I like to describe their sound as a mixture of The Shins and Two Door Cinema Club. However, Vinyl Theatre still does a great job of defining their own unique style that you can clearly hear in each song. Whether you’re listening to their hit single, “Breaking Up My Bones,”which brought them to the alternative forefront, or “Gold” one of my personal favorites, they have such a unique sound that makes them stand out from some of the acts that are drawing attention today. Each track offers something different, lyrically and melodically and that’s truly a rare treat to find in the music industry nowadays.

Another reason why you should already be listening to this band, is because of how amazing this band is live! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this band three times, and I honestly can’t wait until I get to see them again. I first saw them when they came to Atlanta, opening for Smallpools, and the excitement I felt was indescribable. They started off with my favorite song of theirs, “If You Say So” and the audience couldn’t stop dancing. I was also able to meet the band after this show, and they were some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. They’re a very personable, down to earth group of people and it just adds on to the reasons as to why I support and love this band.

I was also able to see them on their “Alter the Sound” tour at the Masquerade and once again, they were simply phenomenal. The most recent performance I’ve caught of theirs was on their co-headline tour with Finish Ticket, and it was my first time hearing some of the new material from the next album. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what the rest of their sophomore album has in store for us.

Vinyl Theatre is quickly making a name for themselves in the indie crowd of my generation and rightfully so. They are a talented group of individuals who I recommend to almost everyone I know. They’re a band that I’m happy to have seen grow from opening to Smallpools to selling out shows on their own co-headline tour. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. I just know they’re going to go far.

Have you heard of Vinyl Theatre before? Have you seen them live? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!

Song Recommendation of the Week: If You Say So by Vinyl Theatre 


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