5 Apps Every Concert Goer Should Have

So I like to consider myself a pretty avid concert goer, and I thought I would let you all know what apps I think every avid, or occasional concert goer should have.



1. Bandsintown 

Bandsintown is probably the most helpful app any concert goer could have while searching for any upcoming concerts. While social media is a common way to hear about what bands are coming to town, it may be hard to keep up with just how many shows are going to be coming your city/state. This app, with your permission, scans your iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and even your last.fm to see what artists you like. Once it’s scanned your multiple music libraries, it shows you who from your music library is going to be coming to your local area and it even gives a hyperlinks to ticket sites. There’s so many more great features to this app, but I strongly recommend you download it to see what they all are.

Available on: iPhone & Android

Price: Free


2. Ticketmaster 

Honestly, if you’re an avid concert goer like me, Ticketmaster is quickly going to become your best friend. Not only can you purchase your tickets through this app, for venues that are applicable that is, but it can also be your ticket. More often than not, venues allow you to use the paperless option to gain entry to a show and it makes the whole process go quite fast, especially since you’re most likely already going to have your phone out. This is an app I recommend to anyone who’s partial to any live event as well not just concerts. It is probably the most useful app there is for anyone who enjoys live events.

Available on: iPhone & Android

Price: Free


3. Stubhub 

Stubhub is on here because it’s probably going to be your best website when it comes to resale tickets. Sometimes, you’re just a little too late to get tickets to a show, or a play, and the venue sells out. Never fear, because Stubhub probably has a ticket for whatever event is coming near you. I have plenty of friends that have used this website and it’s proven to be reliable. I’ve even had a friend use it on the way to a concert that was sold out and she received a ticket and got into the venue with no problem at all.  The downside to it though, is that it is a resale site, so ticket prices might be through the roof for some events. Still one I would recommend to any who loves live music.

Available on: iPhone & Android 

Price: Free


4. Spotify 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I personally like to familiarize myself with the set list of most concerts that I attend. I know some people like to be surprised with the songs that the artist will play, but I personally like to make sure I know every word of every song they play, it just makes it more enjoyable for me.

The best app to use for this, I believe, is Spotify. Spotify is compatible on almost any device and if you use your computer, you have the freedom to listen to music any order you want without having a subscription. Spotify allows you to make playlists, will recommend playlists for you, and more often than not, gives you the option of limited commercial interruption. Spotify itself is free, but you could also pay for the subscription which is $9.99 a month or $4.99 a month if you’re a student.

Available on: iPhone & Android

Price: Free


5. Lyft  

The final app I have for this list is one that I’ve used frequently, and I like it quite a bit. The Lyft app is an app in which you can request a car ride to and from almost anywhere in your city. I think this app is perfect for concert goers for many reasons. It takes out the hassle of trying to park at a venue, which could be a crazy adventure within itself; it’s very quick, reliable service. The last time I used one, they were at my location within five minutes of me requesting a car. Also, for any concert goer above the age of 21, especially for all the parents that go with their children and think they may want to have a couple of drinks, it’s an extremely safe way to get back home.

Available on: iPhone and Android 

Price: Free

Well there you have it, 5 apps I think every concert goer should have. Do you agree? Do you think I missed any? Please let me know in the comments! Also be sure to give this a like and a follow! I’ll see you all next week!

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